Great service from start to finish! Steve was quick to schedule a free estimate and very accommodating to my work schedule. When we inspected the roof together, he gave me a clear understanding of what the problem was and didn't try to sell me an entire new roof or over-engineer an incredibly expensive solution. After agreeing on scope of work and price, Steve and his team finished the repair quickly.

I worked in the construction industry for a number of years and finding good roofers is hard...and finding one who runs a clean job site is even harder. Steve and his guys treated our home with respect and performed a quality repair...it was actually one of the first times I did not have to clean up after a contractor worked at my home.

Brian Hampton

I hired Hutch Roofing last two years ago and since my roof hasn’t had a leak. My roof was one of those stubborn old leaky roofs that would develop a leak every other month and I had been told I would need a new roof but my pocket was just not deep enough to afford a new roof. I had to try to do whatever I could to fix the problem and not break the bank. Steve was really nice and honest he worked really hard to assess the issues and never had a doubt that he could repair my roof. I’m really happy to have met Steve and I highly recommend Hutch Roofing for their great service and professionalism.

Joyce Probst

Steve and his team showed up right on time to work on my roof he didn’t miss a beat never slacked and was really upfront with us from the first time we contacted him. I was quoted a fair price that didn’t fluctuate when they were finished with the roof. I highly recommend Hutch Roofing to my close friends and family.

The Sheldon Family

Hutch Roofing not only gave me the best price but also the best customer service I’ve ever experienced. I own a small commercial building that has had a leak for quite some time, I had roofers come out to my property and they all wanted to put a new roof but they didn’t understand that it wasn’t in my budget. Finally I called Steve at Hutch Roofing and he was really upfront he did his best. I haven’t had a leak since Steve repaired the roof. Apparently the prior roofers were using the wrong materials. Steve is not only experienced but a real professional.

Nicole Mia

During the big rains earlier this year my converted garage sprung a leak. Hutch Roofing was the only roofer out of the 10 roofers I called to actually return my call. They came out the same day to diagnose the problem but could not get to work till the rain stopped. The first thing they did was tarp my entire roof, bless them for doing that. The professionalism and compassion Hutch’s employees used was just beyond any customers service I’ve ever experienced. They worked really hard to get my roof in top shape if working late hours and coming back to check up on their work that is what they did. I highly recommend them to friends and family.

Anthony Flores